Ink 1: Eastern Granola & The Crust Project

"There’s a spontaneous kid-like fun to what I do. And that keeps me excited. Also, there’s no shortage of people who want to collaborate. There are so many people out there now making things. Though, because there are so many of us, there’s also a lot of guilt associated with doing your own thing. It’s like we’re all part of this self-indulgent generation. And that’s not always completely true. In any case, in the grand scheme of things, if doing their own thing makes a few more people in the world happy, then I think it’s totally worth it."

- Hui Wen, Founder, Eastern Granola and The Crust Project


"There’s been a number out there who left their day job, and turned to making. I figured, 'they started something!' And thought I too could be part of the whole movement." expressed the founder of Eastern Granola and The Crust Project, Hui Wen.

Her startup had only been in operation for about 7 weeks at the time we met her, but we got this impression that she’s had this planned for quite sometime, moving back from New York after she finished her tenure as a former food editor with a Masters in Food Studies.  

Eastern Granola's Milo Granola is holistic and awesome.

Eastern Granola's Milo Granola is holistic and awesome.

Eastern Granola brings together healthy homemade ingredients, with southeast asian flavours. That concocts for many (or some) of us familiar flavours; such as the Thai Papaya Salad Granola. They come in various sizes; from packs that you could easily take to work, to home size ones aimed at replacing factory manufactured granola in one’s home.

Her inspiration was simple and personal; "I generally don't eat the same thing twice but felt I could with granola. That's part of the reason I wanted to start a business making wholesome homemade granola."

the crust project

In the same short period, this entrepreneur has divided her time, also working on The Crust Project, an online project she considers to be "a gathering of like-minded people, who I cam meet - and even collaborate with - to build new food ideas and experiences". The goal here is to create a food startup community where each can also compliment another’s produce. Eventually, publishing a bi-annual (or quarterly) book of recipes discovered could be the end product.

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